A Maverick's Odyssey: One Doctor's Quest to Conquer Disease: The Story of Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D. and FIM, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine
by Michael Mannion
Can we quickly alter our health care system so that we can discover new medical breakthrough therapies and make them rapidly available to patients? The answer to this critical question is a resounding "Yes!" Dr. Stephen L. DeFelice has put forth his creative solution to this critical problem. It's called "Doctornauts," the term he coined to describe physicians who can more easily volunteer for clinical studies than the rest of us. Perhaps the single most important aspect of the Doctornaut concept becomes evident when it is understood who it will most help-you!
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Project Mindshift: Reconnecting With the Cosmos
Robert Dean interviews Michael Mannion, author of Project Mindshift. Provocative insight into government and media manipulation of the American public regarding the history of extraterrestrial contact.
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Project Mindshift
by Michael Mannion
“I consider Project Mindshift to be the single-most authoritative book on the subject of UFOs and the alien presence that I have ever read. The book is objective, thoughtful, honest, stimulating, powerful and challenging. There are parts of it that are absolutely brilliant.”
—Robert Dean, former NATO officer, UFOReserch.com
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How to Help Your Teenager Stop Smoking
by Michael Mannion
“This book is wonderful…Michael Mannion’s engaging and fact-filled work is a call to action and provides society ammunition to fight back.”
—Mehmet Oz, MD, Co-founder of the Columbia Complementary Care Center, cardiac surgeon and author of Healing from the Heart
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365 Everyday Health Tips
by Michael Mannion
The United States is in the middle of a health care revolution...And the most important part of that revolution is you...only you can take control of your own health care by learning to be responsible for your own health. It’s never too soon or too late to start making positive changes in your life and 365 Everyday Health Tips shows you how one small change a day can lead to big improvements for years to come.
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Pharmacist's Guide to Over-the-Counter and Natural Remedies
by Michael Mannion
It’s easy to be confused by the countless products that fill the drugstore shelves. What treatments are most effective? What are the possible side effects? How do you take the natural remedy you’ve been hearing about? The Pharmacist’s Guide to Over-the-Counter and Natural Remedies was specifically designed to answer your questions and give you confidence in practicing self-care.
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Wholeness/Healing with Trish Corbett
If you would like to enhance your self-knowledge; if you are in transition; or if you would like to change some part of your life, it is useful to have a mentor to guide to assist you. Allow me to be your guide.

Wholeness/Healing uses a number of approaches to help achieve balance and well-being. People may choose to work with me using all of the approaches or decide to explore specific techniques separately.

A great way to start is by using Life Time Symbols to learn more about yourself, including your natural strengths and talents, the deep internal energy you have to draw upon and the nature of your cycle of growth, which changes each year at your birthday.

A second way of knowing, Signs of Life, clarifies what your current core work really is; demonstrates what prepared you for it; and provides other valuable information.

In addition, hands-on Energy Balancing invites the body’s natural energetic flow, often opening blocked energy. This type of balancing can make you feel better and assist you in moving through old unhealthy beliefs and unproductive patterns of behavior.

An exceptional way to contribute to balance on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—is with the use of Flower Essences. They are made from the healing patterns of plants and are a safe and effective way to support inner growth and change.

You may wish to use the ancient wisdom of the Tarot to access your subconscious and gain insight on current situations in your life.

It would be my pleasure to assist you as a mentor and guide to help you find your own path toward a more fulfilling life.

To learn more in depth about Wholeness/Healing, read Trish's article in our e-journal, The Journal of the Mindshift Institute.

To find out more about Wholeness/Healing, the costs involved or to schedule an appointment with Trish, email her at Trish@MindshiftInstitute.org or call her at 917-817-4465.

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