Leading Edge
A Mindshift Charter
Life's Three Stages: Infancy, Ego, and Transcendence
Dark Energy and Primordial Energy
In Memoriam: John E. Mack, M.D.
INTUITION: What Science says (so far) about How and Why Intuition Works
Wilhelm Reich: Transcending the Dichotomy Between Science and Spirit
Wilhelm Reich: Revisiting a Scientific Pioneer
Frankenstein Foods
The Orgone Energy Accumulator
Who Will Create the New Nobel Prize?
Extended Consciousness-Electron Interaction by Ron Bryan, Ph.D.[.pdf]

Ways of Knowing

A Visit to the London Science Museum
Ways of Knowing Part 1
Ways of Knowing Part 2
Reflections on Cosmos and Consciousness III: The Cosmology of Love
Words of Love
Witnessing: Abductees as Sacred Truth-Tellers by John E. Mack, M.D.
Love and the Nature of Being
The Underlying Unity in Nature: Cosmic Primordial Energy

Health and Healing

The New American Medicine
The New American Medicine II: A Meeting of Mindsets
The New American Medicine III: Ways to Wellness
The New American Medicine IV: The Future of Medicine
Managing the Emotional Factor in Medicine
Wholeness/Healing: Awakening Our Memory of Wholeness
Pleasure: Your Innate Guide to Good Health
Harnessing the Healing Powers of Natural Substances: Nutraceuticals
A Pioneer in Medicine: Chester M. Raphael, MD, Medical Orgonomist
Cancer and Present-Day Human Sexual Functioning: Part I
Cancer and Present-Day Human Sexual Functioning: Part II

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Anomalous Phenomena

Worldviews in Collision
The Value of Extraordinary Experiences Without “Objective” Corroboration
Amber's Story: Pt.1
Amber's Story: Pt.2: Energy Medicine and Encounters with Non-Human Intelligences
Matthew's Story: The Incredible Lightness of Being An Experiencer
“Explaining Away” Your Own Experiences
When Stars Move
The Irrelevance of UFO Secrecy
There Is No Salvation
Naming is Not Knowing: A Call for a New Vocabulary for Interactions with Non-Human Intelligences
Mysticism and Mechanism: Mankind's Dead Ends
Mysticism and Mechanistic Science Will Kill Us All
Greg's World: Scientists Examine Extraterrestrial Claims
What Do They Want Us to Understand Right Now? The Andreasson Affair Revisited
Where Is Everybody? The Implications of the 2002 Roper Poll Regarding ET Encounters
Amber and Jillian: Two Similar Encounters: How Many Others Are There?
Sexual Repression and Authoritarian Character Structure: How Do They Help Shape Our Conception of Extraterrestrials?
The Qur’an and the Aliens by Dr. Dildar Ahmed, PhD.

Waking Up from the Trance State

UFOs—A Challenge to Mainstream Science
A Profound Spiritual Experience
A Central Mindshift Metaphor: The Trance State
Global Mindshift: The Impact of the Presence of Non-Human Intelligences
When Will We Wake Up?

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