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Cosmos and Consciousness V:
Does Consciousness Create Reality?

We are excited to be announcing our latest conference, Cosmos and Consciousness V: Does Consciousness Create Reality? featuring Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy Schild and Dr. Jenny Wade. Their work is part of an awakening that is underway about the cosmos and our place in it. This is an event that you really do not want to miss!

We are also happy to be in Rangeley, Maine once again. It is easy to sense the cosmic in the beautiful mountains and lakes of Rangeley. Especially when our guides are leading explorers of new knowledge.

Rangeley, Maine

The work of The Mindshift Institute is devoted to fostering life-positive knowledge, that is, wisdom and insights that improve life on Earth and expand our definition of reality. We focus on contributions that we think can help us wake up from what we call “The Trance,” a profound detachment from our inner and outer reality.

Each of us is in a trance, to one degree or another. We cannot awaken from our trance alone, but together, we can lovingly assist one another in waking up and perceiving new truths. Such life-positive new knowledge can have a transformative impact —if we are open to it, let it into our hearts and consciousness, and then see what emerges that has meaning for us.

We have invited these outstanding pioneers in new knowledge to participate in our conference because something unique and crucial emerges when connections are made among their individual contributions. We live in an interconnected, participatory universe and that is the spirit of our conference.

Conventional Science Moves Toward Frontier Science

The work of frontier scientists is far from the mainstream scientific work that most of us are familiar with. However, in a very exciting, new development, the leading edge of conventional science in physics, biology and consciousness studies is moving closer to new discoveries in consciousness, quantum physics and the study of anomalies.

This is evident in recent reports from the highly-regarded British publication New Scientist which published a special article on a controversial area of science, parapsychology. The editors carefully examined the published research data, the methodologies used in garnering the information, and the conclusions based on the various studies. They found the research impeccable and the findings incontrovertible—“para”psychological phenomena are real and deserve serious scientific scrutiny.

In June and July 2007, New Scientist featured the following articles on its cover: “How the Universe Got Its Laws—and Our Surprising Role in Shaping Them” and “Reality Check—Does the Universe Exist When No One Is Looking?” The author of the second piece concluded, “Rather than passively observing it, we create reality.” It is encouraging to see mainstream scientists moving closer to the work of frontier scientists.

At Cosmos and Consciousness V: Does Consciousness Create Reality? we are going to join our presenters in examining and exploring new knowledge from the perspective of worldviews that differ fundamentally from the mechanistic materialist picture of reality that has dominated the Western world for centuries.

Worldviews in Collision

This year’s conference directly addresses itself to the impact of worldviews on both (1) what we are able to know and (2) what ways of knowing will be most helpful in the search to better understand the nature of reality and our place in it. The unexamined assumptions of worldviews are integral to the trance in every aspect of human life today and too often prevent us from perceiving what is immediately before us. Too frequently, it is one’s worldview, and not scientific evidence, that determines what is considered “real” or not.

Today, the old worldview is collapsing but a generally accepted new worldview has not yet emerged to replace it. Many brilliant women and men are contributing to the creation of a new picture of reality and face fierce opposition and hostile reactions from the proponents of the dominant worldview.

Cosmos and Consciousness V: Does Consciousness Create Reality? is designed to side-step the futile pro-con, point-counterpoint arguments over whether anomalies of all types are “real” or not. Instead, we will ask everyone to join us in putting our familiar Western worldview in abeyance only for the day. In that way, we can look at new knowledge from new perspectives and see where this leads each of us.

At Cosmos and Consciousness V: Does Consciousness Create Reality? we will be introduced to four extraordinary scientists with worldviews that differ from the dominant paradigm and, at times, from each other. These other models of reality provide an opportunity to explore, examine and understand crucial aspects of nature that mainstream science cannot explain. From other perspectives, these phenomena are not mysteries—they are actually how nature seems to function.

Dr. Amit Goswami will introduce us to the worldview of “Consciousness as Primary.” He has demonstrated scientifically the validity of ancient concepts that consciousness creates the physical world, the self-aware universe and everything in it. For Dr. Goswami, consciousness is transcendent, outside of spacetime, nonlocal, all-pervading, the only reality. Dr. Goswami asks a key question, “What converts possibility into actuality?” which he answers in a word—consciousness. Things look very different indeed from this vantage point, in which consciousness is the ground of being.
Dr. Edgar Mitchell began his odyssey into the study of consciousness as a result of a transcendent experience on his Apollo 14 voyage home to earth from the moon. He will take us with him deep into his scientific worldview, which is light-years from the Newtonian-Einsteinian science that is dominant today and has the potential to radically alter our understanding of the great enigma—consciousness.
Dr. Jenny Wade will share with us her insights into consciousness before birth, in utero, at birth, and after physical death. In her work, she focuses on consciousness itself, not the content or expression of consciousness. Dr. Wade believes a cosmology is needed that accounts for consciousness and can help answer such questions as: Is there awareness without a functioning brain? Does consciousness predate birth? Can consciousness survive death? The questions that Dr. Wade examines cannot even be asked in the present mechanistic-materialist paradigm. Such phenomena are by definition not possible. But when seen in the context of other worldviews, we can come to a new understanding of these very same phenomena which helps expand our picture of reality.
Dr. Rudy Schild has recently made astounding astrophysical observations, published in Astrophysics Journal, that challenge the current ideas about black holes and the nature of the physical universe. He has devised a new model that he hopes will bridge the gap between cosmos and consciousness, the objective and the subjective. In his model, Dr. Schild attempts to describe the connections among astrophysical phenomena; quantum science and consciousness; and subjective anomalous phenomena such as out-of-body and near-death experiences.

In the afternoon, Dr. Schild will share this model with all of us--fellow speakers and audience alike--for the first time. After his presentation, he will then engage his fellow speakers in a spontaneous scientific discussion about his new ideas, following which we in the audience can join in and contribute our own insights. This is a unique opportunity to witness the unveiling of a new model of the universe and participate in a spontaneous scientific response to that model.


Dr. Amit Goswami
Consciousness, Cosmos, and Evolution

There is a revolution going on in science right now, a genuine paradigm shift. While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. Dr. Goswami will speak about the visionary window that quantum physics opens for us, a window through which we can see the potency of the new science.

He will demonstrate how it is necessary to include (1) conscious "downward causation" of actuality from quantum possibility and (2) subtle interior domains of consciousness to make room for life in an otherwise nonliving universe. Dr Goswami will show how consciousness creates the cosmos and life and guides life’s evolution in the process, resolving the intelligent design/neo-Darwinism controversy. In addition, he will demonstrate how the new science resolves the neurophysiologist's so-called mind-body problem and the paradox of perception. We will see that, in this new view, the duality of unconscious/conscious, outer/inner, mind/body, subject/person, are all resolved.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Exploring the Science of Nature’s Mind

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell will share with us his insights into the relationship of quantum holograms, entanglement, coherence and resonance to what he calls “Nature’s Mind.” For Dr. Mitchell, energy is the foundation of all matter and information is the foundation of knowing. Both arise from and are based in the zero-point energy field of deep space, the very ground of existence. He believes the evidence makes a strong case for a cosmos that is a self organizing, intelligent, creative, learning, interactive, participatory, nonlocally interconnected, evolutionary system.

Dr. Jenny Wade
Consciousness and Human Capacity:
Self, Soul, Miracles, and Life Everlasting

Mind without brain is a scientific conundrum. Evidence of a physically transcendent source of human consciousness comes from the extremes of the life span when the brain and central nervous system are unable to function, according to most standard measures.

Prior to the third trimester, measurable brain activity associated with awareness is virtually nonexistent—yet verified evidence from independent sources substantiates that the fetus is aware, able to recall, and is affected by events around it inside and outside the womb. Verifiable fetal memories go back to the moment of conception.

Likewise, near-death accounts have verified awareness of resuscitation and other activities in the here-and-now when the individual’s measurable brain activity had ceased altogether. A close examination of the evidence rules out the materialist arguments many scientists use to explain away the existence of individual awareness both before life and after death.

The relationship of human awareness to “reality”—including its ability to slip the bonds assumed by conventional science—suggest that the more conscious we are, the more we can shape reality by accessing realms and possibilities now considered “para”-normal but well within the capacity of humanity, including transcending time and space.

Dr. Wade presents a critical overview of the research that supports traditional concepts of a soul that predates life and survives death and the abilities of avatars, psychics, saints, and others to perform miraculous feats.

Dr Rudy Schild
Introducing A New Scientific Model
Uniting Cosmos and Consciousness

Dr. Schild will share with us his new scientific model of the universe which attempts to unify cosmos and consciousness. In his new model, he has connected his recent astronomical observations with important new ideas in consciousness studies, and the investigations of anomalies, that dramatically alter our view of the nature of the Universe and provide new insight into the basis of human thought, consciousness, and dreaming.

The dark energy that has always been known to exist (e.g., the Akashic field, chi, orgone energy) and black holes are now understood in a completely different way. Dr. Schild’s recent astrophysical observations of black holes, or what he now calls MECO objects (Magnetic Eternally Collapsing Objects) indicate that the information contained in quantum holograms is stored up at the relativistic surfaces of the MECO objects. And it appears that this information is theoretically retrievable using quantum nonlocality.

Astronomer Rudy Schild offers a modified understanding of consciousness, memory, and dreaming that seems to explain many “modern miracles” or anomalous phenomena such as UFO sightings, Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences, precognition, past life experiences, and remote viewing. In his view, the dark energy that has always been known to exist can now be understood as being at the basis of many anomalous experiences.

In addition, Dr. Schild believes that his new model suggests that our minds can receive, amplify, and transmit this energy and thereby connect our “souls” to our “Creator.”

Premium Weekend Package

Does Consciousness Create Reality?

An Exciting Weekend in Rangeley, Maine
September 21-23, 2007

In conjunction with the day-long conference on September 22nd, The Mindshift Institute is presenting a deeper weekend experience from September 21-23, 2007. The first four Cosmos and Consciousness conferences have demonstrated that participating in this weekend is indeed a special opportunity. In addition, Rangeley provides a wonderful setting for expansive thinking and exploration.

While the one-day conference on Saturday, September 22 is open to the public, we want to invite you to join us and the Mindshift Explorers— Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy Schild and Dr. Jenny Wade—for an extraordinary weekend. You will have a rare opportunity to spend one-on-one time with four creative individuals who are making important contributions to the new worldview now emerging.

Because we want to ensure that each participant has time to connect with the presenters, there are only a limited number of places available for the Premium Weekend Package. All activities will take place at The Rangeley Inn and include:
  • A special evening Friday with the speakers and fellow guests; including dessert, coffee, tea, soft drinks and wine
  • Admission to the Saturday conference itself
  • An excellent dinner on Saturday night with much stimulating conversation
  • A thought-provoking Sunday morning session with the presenters and the weekend guests
The cost for the weekend is $395. This does not include lodging. We recommend that the weekend participants stay together at the Rangeley Inn. They are offering us a special rate. Ask about it when you call. They also have a few rooms available at a higher rate. After you sign up with The Mindshift Institute for the weekend, you need to call The Rangeley Inn at 1-800-MOMENTS for your room.

The reservations for the weekend will be filled on a first-come, first served basis. Some have already been taken. We encourage you to reserve soon to guarantee your spot.

We would love it if you could join us. Your time with the presenters and fellow guests will allow you to engage in intriguing and expansive conversations about profound and crucial ideas. Your participation will play a valuable role in the co-creation of a transformative experience. We look forward to hearing from you. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

The 4th Annual Alexander Imich Lecture
Quantum Science and Intuition
What New Scientific Studies Are Revealing About Consciousness


Paul Bernstein, PhD

February 28, 2007 at 7 p.m.
The Pratt Mansions
Marymount School
1026 Fifth Avenue
84th Street and Fifth Avenue

Paul Bernstein, Ph.D. will bring us up-to-date about what leading scientists have learned about Intuition from laboratory experiments examining common forms of intuition, such as "remote viewing," "precognition," and "telepathy. " He will discuss the advances in quantum physics that indicate how such transmissions of information can occur without the involvement of our physical senses.

Dr. Bernstein will also share with us his findings, and those of other scientists, concerning the survival of consciousness after death, as revealed by studies primarily in three areas—the near-death experience, reincarnation, and mediumship.

Finally, he will invite the audience to engage in a discussion that connects these two sets of scientific findings, which so strongly imply that our human consciousness has some significant independence from our physical bodies.

Dear Mindshifter,

We are very happy to be celebrating the 104th birthday of our dear and inspiring friend, Dr. Alexander Imich, with our fourth annual Mindshift evening in his honor. About 70 years ago, Alex was a member of the European Parapsychological Association. You may recognize the name that immediately followed his in the membership list—Carl Jung. For over seven decades, he has been working hard to get mainstream science to investigate the so-called “paranormal” seriously. Our speaker for this year’s lecture is a scientist who is doing just that.

The three previous Alexander Imich Lectures have been exciting and stimulating evenings in which new knowledge was presented and discussed. This year’s talk by Paul Bernstein, PhD continues the high-caliber of this series. Dr. Bernstein gave a fascinating presentation in September 2006 at Cosmos and Consciousness IV: Our Interconnected Universe, Mindshift’s annual conference in Rangeley, Maine. We are glad that he can join us here in New York City.

On Wednesday, February 28 at 7 p.m. at the Marymount School, in the Pratt Mansions, 1026 5th Avenue at 84th Street, Dr. Bernstein will share his thoughts on Quantum Science and Intuition: What New Scientific Studies Are Revealing About Consciousness. We will explore with him such intriguing subjects as telepathy, precognition, remote viewing and the near-death experience. New insights arising from advances in quantum science cast these anomalous phenomena in a new light. And Dr. Bernstein will address what science is learning about the nature of these and other anomalies.

We first met Dr. Bernstein at the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), directed by Dr. John Mack at Harvard University, where he was a Research Associate and co-editor of their publication, PEER Perspectives. He also served on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) and was Editor-in-Chief of their quarterly publication, Vital Signs. Most recently, he published a chapter in the book, Endophysics, Time, Quantum and the Subjective, as part of an international team of physicists, mathematicians, and psychologists. Dr. Bernstein has degrees in both the biological and social sciences, from Stanford University and the University of Michigan.

In recent years, fundamentalists in religion and fundamentalists in mechanistic science have been engaged in an increasingly vitriolic battle. The extremists in each camp are blind to the limits of their own worldviews and seem unable to recognize that, after 6-8000 years of our present civilization, neither way of knowing has answered the most basic questions we have—What is life? What is consciousness? What kind of universe do we inhabit? And what is our place in it?

We hope you can join us and Dr. Bernstein for an exploration of the exciting work being done today, not by those who have “the answer,” but by serious investigators who are searching to deepen and expand our understanding of the nature of reality.

Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion
The Mindshift Institute
A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

Healing with Orgone Energy:
Exploring the Medicine of the Future


Jorgos Kavouras, MD

The Mindshift Institute is proud to present an evening with Dr. Jorgos Kavouras. This is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in healing—especially conventional and integrative medical practitioners, psychiatrists, and body-oriented therapists—to engage a professional whose experience is unique in the United States.

Nearly 60 years ago, Wilhelm Reich wrote in The Cancer Biopathy, “I have no doubt that the initial hesitant reaction to the novelty and simplicity of the apparatus will be overcome and that the officials will eventually authorize the distribution of orgone accumulators.”

If this prediction comes true, it will be because of the clinical work of physicians like Dr. Jorgos Kavouras, who has been successfully treating patients in Europe for 25 years with orgone energy devices designed by Reich. Dr. Kavouras has also done extensive research work with the orgone accumulator and the Medical DOR-Buster. He is one of the most experienced physicians in the world today working with these powerful healing devices. Don’t miss this chance to meet a true pioneer in the practice of orgone energy medicine.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.


Between 7th and 8th Avenues in Manhattan


"The latest discoveries are showing us that ours is a living universe,
linked at every level, where Love is the force that connects us."

September 16, 2006
10 a.m.--5:30 p.m.
The Rangeley Inn
2443 Main Street
Rangeley, Maine

Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion

Co-Founders of The Mindshift Institute

We are excited to be announcing our latest conference, Cosmos and Consciousness IV: Our Interconnected Universe. We are also happy to be back in Rangeley, Maine. It is easy to sense the cosmic in the beautiful mountains and lakes of Rangeley. Especially when our guides are leading explorers of new knowledge. We were inspired to create this conference by Wilhelm Reich. He recognized an interconnectedness in nature at every level, writing that in the natural world, “…all seemed to be ONE.”

The latest discoveries are showing us that every realm of the universe is connected, from the microscopic to the cosmic. In addition, there seems to be some kind of intelligence, knowing or reason present in every realm we investigate. And Love appears to be the force that connects us. The implications of this new knowledge are profound for all of us, as individuals and as a society.

Our work is devoted to fostering life-positive knowledge, that is, wisdom and insights that improve life on Earth. We focus on work that we think can help us wake up from what we call “The Trance,” a profound detachment from our inner and outer reality.

Each of us is in a trance, to one degree or another. We cannot awaken from our trance alone, but together, we can lovingly assist one another in waking up and perceiving new truths that expand our view of reality. Such life-positive new knowledge can have a transformative impact on us—if we are open to it, let it into our hearts and consciousness, and then see what emerges that has meaning for us.

Join Our Mindshift Explorers
For a Day of Dialogue

This year, the day will unfold in a way that is very different from our previous conferences. Rather than having speakers address the audience about interconnectedness, we believe that this new format will help create a day that is in itself interconnecting.

Our “Mindshift Explorers” have been invited because of their experience and expertise but they will speak with us and interact with us as part of the group, not separated from it. During our dialogue with one another, we will all be part of the audience and we will all, at times, have the opportunity of contributing, if so desired. It is truly a co-creative day that will be influenced in important ways by those who attend.

Rudy Schild, PhD

Dr. Schild, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has recently published a paper in the prestigious Astronomical Journal, a leading peer-reviewed publication in his field. His findings challenge the accepted view of black holes. If confirmed, his theory would lead to a revolutionary new picture of the physical universe. Some experts believe that Dr. Schild’s paper may come to be seen as a turning point in his area of astrophysics.

He will explain his exciting discovery to us, but even more, he will share with us his inspiring speculations on the significance of this discovery regarding the existence of interconnectedness, some kind of intelligence, and even love, in the cosmos. Unlike the majority of his colleagues, Dr. Schild has investigated a number of anomalous phenomena (e.g., UFOs and ET encounters, life-after-death). Such phenomena suggest to him that the astrophysicist's concept of the universe has serious shortcomings. As a practicing scientist, he has studied anomalies looking for clues to guide him to a correct theory.

At the same time, he has recognized that advances in cosmology indicate that dark energy may dominate the content of the universe. Dr. Schild’s new theory of the nature of the magnetic and quantum electrodynamic properties of black holes can help us understand that an “intelligence” or “guiding principle” may be present in the cosmos and may enter and influence events in our universe. According to Dr. Schild, “Quantum non-locality can bring the subtle energies concealed within the black hole network to realization within all life forms throughout the cosmos. Apparently, we live in a universe seemingly driven by simple physical forces, yet guided by an Intelligence or Source, the nature of which remains unknown to science—but which has been experienced by many people.”

Paul Bernstein, PhD

Dr. Bernstein has a natural science degree from the University of Michigan and a social science degree from Stanford University. He has taught at the University of California at Irvine and Boston College. He has been published in academic books (e.g., Endophysics, Time, Quantum and the Subjective) and periodicals (The Journal of Economic Issues; Administrative Science Quarterly). His work has also appeared in the popular media (e.g., The Boston Globe, National Public Radio, The Progressive, Christianity & Crisis).

Dr. Bernstein served on the Board of Directors and the editorial staff of the International Association for Near-Death Studies from 1999 through 2004. His outlook on fundamental questions has also been influenced by a training in Mediumship, and by learning experiences gained in a wide range of situations, among them Dr. John Mack’s Program on Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), the Findhorn Community, the Dolphin Cognition Laboratory, Tibetan Buddhism (Kalachakra), Christian Science, and Quakerism.

Dr.Bernstein’s contributions to our dialogue will be based on his study of near-death experiences, his exploration of the quantum and holographic underpinnings of intuition, his work in the area of inter-species communication, and his examination of the overlap of psychology with spirituality. During the day, he will share with us what he learned from his years of work with women and men who have had near-death experiences (NDEs) with a focus on the phenomenon of Love. A wide range of people described to him in detail the Love they sensed during their NDE.

They spoke of a deepening encounter with a light that is a peaceful, enveloping force. The light is felt to be somehow knowing and alive. Ultimately, the light is experienced as unconditional love—and, for many, as “Home” or “Source.” The implications of these experiences for our understanding of interconnectedness in the universe, and of Love in the cosmic sense, are many and powerful. The reports of those who have had near-death experiences can certainly help to expand our view of reality. They contain important “lessons from the light,” to use Dr. Kenneth Ring’s phrase, from which we can all benefit.

Stephane Allix and Natacha Calestreme
Writers and Documentary Filmmakers

Stephane Allix and Natacha Calestreme are both successful documentary filmmakers and writers. They live and work in Paris, France with their two children, Charles and Luna. Stephane is a highly respected, award-winning photojournalist, formerly a war correspondent and investigative reporter, who covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Somalia and other war-torn areas. Since 2003, he has been exploring a “new frontier” for him: using new discoveries in science to help him understand unexplained phenomena.

His most recent film, Experiencers, focused on the life and work of the late Dr. John E. Mack. We are proud of the fact that Stephane met John Mack at our first Cosmos and Consciousness conference held in Rangeley in 2003. Stephane is now working on a four-part series about anomalous phenomena for French TV. This September, his new book on the subject of extraterrestrial life will be published in France. It is called Extraterrestres: l’Enquete or Extraterrestrials: The Investigation. He is already at work on a new book about the nature of consciousness, its relationship to the physical universe and its fate after the death of the body.

Natacha Calestreme began her career as a journalist. She is now a successful documentary filmmaker and the creator of the series, Heroes of Nature. Since 2000, Natacha has been filming women and men at work worldwide protecting endangered species and their habitats from the destructive impact of human activities. Her last two films were about Laurie Marker and Merlin Tuttle, both Americans, who are struggling to protect cheetahs and bats, respectively. She is also the author of a recent book, Les Heros de la Nature, about those who save wildlife.

Love and interconnectedness are evident throughout the work of these two talented people. In Natacha’s films and writings, we see men and women motivated by love for other living beings, for the environment and for the planet itself, devoting themselves to life-positive efforts to preserve and protect Life on Earth. And Natacha herself is motivated by love to bring the crucial efforts of these heroes of nature to a wide audience so that their work may garner support and inspire others.

There is an interesting interconnection evident in the work of Natacha and Stephane: she portrays human beings helping other life forms and Stephane’s recent film examines the possibility that part of the extraterrestrial phenomenon involves an attempt by other intelligences to help humanity, in some way, at this turning point in our history and in our understanding of the planet as an intelligent ecosystem.

In both filmmaker’s work, the nature of specie-to-specie interaction suggests that love and a sense of interconnectedness are both involved. Natacha and Stephane will use brief film clips to help us understand what they have learned in their exciting work.

Gillian Spencer
Writer, Actress, Medical Intuitive

Ms. Spencer lives in New York City and is an award-winning writer and actress working in television, theater and film. More than 20 years ago, she began a personal search which brought her to work with Dr. Helen Bonny and training in music and altered states of consciousness at the Institute for Consciousness and Music. Gillian’s early explorations with Dr. Bonny opened her to an experience of love through which she was healed physically.

Eventually this experience led Gillian to work as a medical intuitive, in collaboration with physicians and other healing practitioners, offering health/life readings for people. These personal readings were always reminders that each of us is known and remembered in the universe; that we are cared about in a deep and unconditional way. Over time, personal readings began to include stories about the physical place in which a person lived—the house, the town, or even the country itself and changes happening deep in the earth. Readings often expanded into stories about our universe, the stars and the part Earth and her inhabitants play in a process of on-going change and reconnection.

Currently, Gillian is co-director, with Marilyn Clark, of Landsong Associates, a nonprofit organization offering seminars and retreats which use music, myth and discoveries in current science to explore our intimate connection to life on every level. Marilyn is a pastoral counselor with expertise in working with non-ordinary states of consciousness who also acts as facilitator and ground for the readings process.

On this day of dialogue, Gillian will share with us some of her own story and her view of interconnectedness as it is manifests from the single cell, to the body, to Earth and out into the Cosmos. Hers is a message of love and intimate connection repeated in many ways, which says that the “family of Earth” is reconnecting with families in the everywhere—a link that makes all of Nature and the Cosmos wonderfully personal, not separate, but an intrinsic part of who and what we are. In a fascinating, experiential session, Gillian will invite us to experience contemplative music as a pathway to bring us deeper into ourselves and into greater contact with each other, the earth and the universe.

We hope you will join us for Cosmos and Consciousness IV: Our Interconnected Universe on September 16, 2006.

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The Mindshift Institute Continues Its Successful Series
In Association with The Marion Institute


The Cosmology of Love

Saturday, September 10
9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m
The Marion Town Music Hall
164 Front Street
Marion, MA


Angeles Arrien, PhD
A Universal Experience: The Mystery of Love

James O’Dea
The Gnostic and the Scientist: Ways of Knowing Love

August T. Jaccaci
A Cosmology of Love

Kenneth Hamilton, MD
HOPE and Love in Health Care


Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion
Co-Founders of The Mindshift Institut

About the Conference

A focus on love is more urgent now than ever. Unconditional love, altruistic love, compassion, and forgiveness all arise from the unlimited love present in creation and all are essential to our survival. All are essential to our survival—yet this fact does not seem to have penetrated deeply enough into our consciousness to be manifest in our behavior.

In part one of his scientific autobiography, Wilhelm Reich gave his view of what lay at the heart of his life’s work. “Its core remains, as always, the enigma of love, to which we all owe our being.” This sentence is the inspiration for The Mindshift Institute’s September 9-11, 2005 Conference, Cosmos and Consciousness III: The Cosmology of Love.

What is love? A primal force of creation? The origin of all that exists? God? An emotion associated with certain life forms that have evolved on Earth? Can Love save us from our many and serious problems? Or is that a naïve fantasy? Can love heal us in body and soul? Or is that a “new age” illusion?

Dozens of wars are raging on our planet. Human destructiveness and self-destructiveness are evident everyday in large and small scale in newspaper, magazine, radio and TV news reports. We seem to be fighting social problems the way conventional doctors fight illnesses—by treating the symptoms. Can anything be done at the root to help turn our world around? Reich believed that only “the re-establishment of the natural capacity for love” can eliminate human destructiveness.

The basic question, What is Love?, remains unanswered to this day after millennia of searching by human beings using the tools of science and spirit. We do not think that we will answer this question at our conference. However, by the end of the event, we may have a deeper sense of the role of love in our personal and social lives that can help us as we try our best to make our Earth a more livable and loving home.

Four Exciting Presenters

Love calls us to a higher order of vision. We have asked these specific men and women to guide us and help us look at Love through their separate lenses. They are people who are motivated by love and whose actions in the world demonstrate this fact. They will share with us their experiences and insights.

Our conference features author and cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien; Institute of Noetic Sciences president James O’Dea; author, social architect and futurist, August T. Jaccaci; and surgeon, author and founder of the H.O.P.E. support groups, Ken Hamilton, MD. There will also be a panel of the presenters in the afternoon talking to one another and answering questions from the audience. Throughout the day, we will all have an opportunity to share with one another.

During the day-long conference, and also during an extended weekend event involving the presenters and 30 other participants, we will explore the subject of love. Together, we will try to understand better the role of love in our origins; its role as a force that sustains us as individuals and societies; its crucial function in health and healing, including sexual expression; and its cosmic manifestations.

During our time together, we may find that we resonate more with one presenter than another, or with some of their viewpoints but not others. But by opening up, letting the light of others pass through the prism of ourselves, we can see the spectrum of experiences that exists hidden in the light of day. By listening with love to others who are coming from love, we may hear and feel things that have the power to change us for the better. As psychologist and author Kenneth Ring, PhD has said, “That love is there for all of us, and, once you open to it, it will inevitably lead you to yourself—your real self.” Isn’t that the way love works?

Angeles Arrien
A Universal Experience: The Mystery of Love

Love is the most healing and catalytic force in the world. Universally, we are shaped by who and what we love individually and collectively. Love is a transformative fire that entices our spirits to grow and to move out of any constricted confines. It is an energy that never dominates, but instead cultivates, opens, expands, and deepens the human spirit. Cross-culturally, we will explore the indigenous view of the four-chambered heart; the four fires found in all the spiritual traditions; and the four ways we cultivate love universally.

How can we begin to see our life journey as a story of love unfolding? What experiences of love are greater than our concepts of romantic love? What experiences of love have ignited spiritual, mystical and transpersonal experiences? We will address these questions and our own mysterious experiences of love in order to honor its compelling, contagious, inclusive invitation to response in whatever seasons, cycles and rhythms and forms its presence emerges in our lives.

Angeles Arrien is a cultural anthropologist, award-winning author, educator, and consultant to many organizations and businesses. She lectures and conducts workshops worldwide, bridging cultural anthropology, psychology, and comparative religions. Her work is currently used in medical, academic, and corporate environments. Angeles is the President of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research, and author of many books, including The Four-Fold Way, Signs of Life and The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom. Her books have been translated into nine languages, and she has received three honorary doctorate degrees in recognition of her work.

James O’Dea
The Gnostic and The Scientist: Ways of Knowing Love

There is an ancient science that brings together love and knowledge. Mystics speak of universal love and states of oneness and the paths that lead to them. Yet most agree that intuition alone will not get us there, that knowledge and a teacher are both essential.

There are many paths available that may lead to an understanding of love. The Gnostic combines the practice of love with the study of wisdom or spiritual science. The Scientist uses various cognitive, rational, empirical methodologies to investigate and theorize about the nature of reality.

Can we use empirical investigations to confirm the reality that is spoken of in mysticism? Can we combine different ways of knowing/accessing truth effectively? How do various explorations in the field of consciousness contribute to the mystical perspective? How does rational scientific inquiry contribute to something that is considered to be beyond the realm of the rational? Can we confirm multiple ways of knowing—and unite the gnostic and the scientist to deepen our understanding of love…and ourselves?

James O’Dea is president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He was formerly the Director of Amnesty International’s Washington DC office and former Executive Director of the Seva Foundation. He speaks to groups around the world on issues of personal and global healing.

Ken Hamilton, MD
HOPE and Health Care: A Window to its Cosmology

Love is indefinable and immeasurable. That which can not be measured lies outside of the realm of science. Science and reason do not consider the existence of that which cannot be measured, e.g. love and the soul. Poets have described the power and effects of love for centuries. Contemporary scientists have too, but they just don't call it love. Rather, they talk about relationships, fields, energies, attractions, etc. And isn't love inclusive of all these?

Relationships manifest love's power and its effects; love’s effects are measurable. Medicine has known of the healing power of relationships for centuries. The seductive power of reason and intellect have nearly destroyed that knowing… that intelligence. However, the power of love shows up repeatedly in clinical work euphemistically called "the placebo effect". The effects of love show up with increasing frequency now that medicine has begun to adopt that which it calls "evidence-based" practices. Furthermore, "Relationship-centered Care" was the subject of joint scrutiny by the Pew Health Profession Commission and the Fetzer Institute in the past decade. Change is afoot.

In this context, we shall look at some beautiful examples of love at work in the course of disease, how it could possibly work, and ways in which modern health care can open a window to the Cosmology of Love.

Ken Hamilton is a board-certified allopathic general surgeon. His roots comprise allopathic medicine and Christian Science. As a small boy, he knew that God and Love were synonymous, and that healing was as much psychospiritual as it was physical. His curiosity about healing led him into medicine and surgery. His patients showed him that the surgeon-patient relationship had a powerful impact on the outcome of surgical therapies. He started a support group in his practice in 1987. Its participants chose to call it a HOPE Group, using the acronym, Healing of Persons Exceptional. He sheathed his scalpel in 1988 to concentrate on bringing hope and love into healthcare. He is the author of SoulCircling: the Journey to the Who.

August T. Jaccaci
A Cosmology of Love

Love is the source, the substance and the future of all being of the cosmos and everything within it. Nature is the architecture of love. This talk will explore the reality of love as energy, idea, value and intention in the cosmos and in all human lives. The presentation will also explore the emergence of a new planetary political economy, increasingly influenced by love. We are now beginning to understand that the benevolent use of spirit in our lives is the next stage of human evolution. Our entrance into that next stage of consciousness is the purpose of our newly forming cosmology and its complementary spiritual technologies.

August T. Jaccaci has worked with leaders throughout the world who want to envision and architect an ideal future for themselves and their enterprises. He is a gifted speaker, a respected visionary and a leading social inventor. He earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University. He is president of the nonprofit organization Unity Scholars and the founder of the Nature Planning Network and the author of two books, Chief Evolutionary Officer—Leaders Mapping the Future and General Periodicity: Nature’s Creative Dynamics.

More About the Conference

Has There Ever Been A Cosmology of Love?

From the ancient thought systems of the East to contemporary scientific explorations in the West, the phenomenon of love has held a central place in many of humanity’s attempts to understand itself and the cosmos in which it exists. In one way or another, all human cultures have known that love is fundamental to our existence.

In the earliest religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the essence of creation was understood to be love. For many natural philosophers in ancient Greece, love was the source or origin of existence. Empedocles (495-435 BC) wrote, “At the beginning of time, Love completely dominated the universe.” And at least while Jesus was alive, the message of Christianity was a gospel of love. As is clearly evident in the savage sectarian conflicts since then, the organized religions of the world have strayed far from their focus on love.

Artists have understood that love is the central phenomenon of existence and expressed it in many ways. For example, the poet Dante wrote that “love moves the sun and the other stars.” Over the centuries, philosophers have explored the meaning of love without, unfortunately, coming closer to comprehending it.

People in the sociopolitical sphere have tried to create more compassionate, loving societies. Yet Marx’s humanitarian sociology became the Gulags and death camps of communism; democracies created to bring liberty and hope to people have been undermined by crude capitalism; and plans for achieving “One World” equality for all Earthlings are fading before the rise of the global transnational corporate state.

For the past 100 years in the West, psychologists have focused on love, but more on its absence and pathological forms or on the inability to love, rather than on love itself. However, in Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud wrote of a way of living that “does not turn away from the external world” and that “is not content to aim at an avoidance of unpleasure—a, goal as we might call it, of weary resignation.”

He talked of a passionate way of being that strives for happiness and may come closer to achieving happiness than any other lifestyle people have devised. “I am, of course, speaking of the way of life which makes love the center of everything, which looks for all satisfaction in loving and being loved. A psychical attitude of this sort comes naturally enough to all of us…” But Freud and his followers rejected “the way of life which makes love the center of everything.” They chose, instead, adaptation to society.

All of the ancient schools of healing recognized that healers or physicians did not themselves heal or cure. They merely assisted the Life Force, or the power of love, within individuals. Healing was achieved by the Life Force itself. Complementary or integrative healers have returned to this ancient wisdom today but this truth has not yet penetrated into conventional medicine or society in general.

Despite powerful insights and intuitions among religious, artistic, scientific, medical and socially conscious men and women over the millennia, a true cosmology of love has not yet taken hold on Earth. All of the great efforts to make our world more loving have failed so far despite the best intentions of so many.

Can a cosmology of love become a reality if we do not understand why the great life-positive contributions of the past 4-6,000 years have left things unchanged or even made the situation worse?

How Would a Cosmology of Love Change Our World?

We are using the word cosmology in an expanded sense, to mean a specific view of the universe that is shaped by wisdom and knowledge gained, not only from scientific study, but also, from other ways of knowing.

In the traditional religious cosmology, of which there are a number of variations, the universe was created by God. In today’s dominant materialist, scientific view, the cosmos came about accidentally as the result of a “Big Bang.” An ancient cosmology has returned in a contemporary form and, in this view, “Consciousness” is primary and has created the physical world. In the absence of certain knowledge and understanding, a thousand hypotheses flourish.

In all of today’s various cosmologies or worldviews, people’s actions are motivated by their deepest conscious and unconscious beliefs. What would life on Earth be like if our deepest belief is that Love is All and that we are all One in Love?

If humanity were to perceive fully and completely, that Love is the “Source,” “Origin,” or “Creator” of existence, how would our lives—personal and societal—be different? Fundamental changes in the way we live on Earth would become evident in the functioning of our governments, businesses, scientific, medical, religious and educational institutions.

Imagine the power of healing we could bring to all of our relationships—with each other, with the other living beings on our planet, and with the planet itself—if each decision we made was based on love. The words “revolutionary” and “radical” fail to convey the magnitude of the change that would occur in health and healing, for example, if a cosmology of love existed on Earth.

Imagine the impact a cosmology of love would have on the institution of marriage; family structure; fetal and neonatal care; birthing practices; child-rearing; attitudes toward human sexuality, especially during adolescence; relations between men and women, particularly intimate ones; the emotional connections between parents and children, old and young, people of diverse backgrounds, interests, beliefs or origins—all of these would be radically different.

Are we any closer to understanding Love and its role in our lives? Pierre Teihard de Chardin believed that, “Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness…the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world man will have discovered fire.”

It may be that Teihard’s intuition will find its fruition in the life-positive work being done in our era, perhaps in the science developed by Wilhelm Reich which has the potential to be the foundation of a cosmology of love. Reich understood that the primordial cosmic energy he discovered and called orgone is the energy of love.

We invite you to join with us in September and become a co-creator of this uplifting and expansive event!

Premium Weekend Package

Cosmos and Consciousness III:
The Cosmology of Love

An Exciting Weekend in Marion, MA
In Association with the Marion Institute
September 9-11, 2005

The Mindshift Institute is presenting an exciting day-long conference with a deeper weekend experience from September 9-11, 2005, Cosmos and Consciousness III—The Cosmology of Love. The first two Cosmos and Consciousness conferences have demonstrated that participating in this weekend is indeed a special opportunity. This year, it is being held in beautiful Marion, MA, a peaceful and serene New England coastal town. Marion provides a wonderful setting for expansive thinking and exploration.

While the one-day conference on Saturday, September 10 is open to the public, we want to invite you to join us and the presenters—Angeles Arrien, James O’Dea, Dr. Ken Hamilton and August T. Jacacci—for an extraordinary weekend. You will have a rare opportunity to spend one-on-one time with four creative leaders who are making important contributions to the new worldview now emerging.

Because we want to ensure that each participant has time to connect with the presenters, there are only a limited number of places available for the Premium Weekend Package, which includes:
  • a very special evening Friday with the speakers and fellow guests; including dessert, coffee, tea, soft drinks and wine admission to the Saturday conference itself
  • an excellent dinner in a lovely Marion home Saturday night for the guests and speakers with much stimulating conversation
  • a thought-provoking Sunday morning session with the presenters and the weekend guests

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February 25, 2004

On Wednesday, February 25, 2004, at 7 p.m. at the Pratt Mansions at 1026 Fifth Avenue at 84th Street, The Mindshift Institute is presenting an exciting evening event in honor of the 101st birthday of Dr. Alexander Imich, who was born on February 4, 1903.

We are proud to feature Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist Rudy Schild. Dr. Schild is now developing a new picture of the physical universe that will demonstrate that the cosmos is not what we thought it to be only 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. Fresh from speaking at an international cosmology conference at UCLA on dark matter, he will share with us the latest developments in his exciting investigation of dark matter and dark energy.

According to Dr. Schild, recent scientific findings suggest that planets are much more common than previously thought. Astrophysicists now believe that almost every star we see in the sky has planets orbiting them, and, further, that almost every star has at least one planet that can support life. Since the conditions necessary for life to arise appear to be present on hundreds of billions of planets, the existence of intelligent life on other worlds now seems a certainty.

Dr. Schild also will explain how his view of the cosmos has been transformed in recent years, not only by new findings in astrophysics, but also, by the inability of his discipline to explain what are called "anomalous phenomena," persistent reports that seem to contradict current physical theory. The tools of his discipline all look outward to the external, "objective" world. Dr. Schild now finds he must look inward as well, to subjective reports, if he is to understand the universe he is investigating.

He will describe the novel approach to anomalies he uses to help him comprehend the new knowledge about the makeup of the universe. The methodology he employs is foreign to the standard scientific approach. Dr. Schild has consulted a new breed of "experts," the people who report experiencing anomalous phenomena. Their reports seem to contain facts that Dr. Schild can confirm scientifically. He feels these men and women offer new knowledge that will astound and, perhaps, even guide us.

One anomaly, the reports of UFO sightings and encounters with extraterrestrial life, is gradually moving from the realm of science fiction to hard science. With an attitude of open-minded skepticism and suspension of disbelief, Dr. Schild has investigated the claims of some people who report encounters with extraterrestrial entities. To his great surprise, their reports contained facts that can be confirmed scientifically. While science in general dismisses such stories as impossible, they do seem to be worthy of investigation to a small but increasing number of serious scientists.

May 6, 2004
Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil
An Evening with Jenny Wade, Ph.D.

Jenny Wade is a highly respected author and researcher in consciousness studies. In her new book, she explores what the ancient world called Sacred Sex. The stories presented in Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil, told by ordinary men and women, reveal that people just like us can suddenly experience powerful energies while making love that transform their view of reality.

Her fascinating book is based on the narratives of 91 women and men who were not using drugs or engaging in any practices or techniques designed to bring about an altered state during sex. Their stories are amazing, touching, funny, heart-warming and inspiring. For these men and women, going to bed as they had always done suddenly turned into an awe-inspiring experience that forever changed the way they understood both themselves and reality. They experienced profoundly the power of the body and of sexuality as vehicles of realization.

Dr. Jenny Wade is a core faculty member of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) and a consultant to business. She is also the author of Changes of Mind: A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness, which experts have called “stunningly original” and “a tour de force construction of an exciting theory.”

In her groundbreaking new study on sex and spirituality, Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil, she reports that profound spiritual experiences may occur during sexual intercourse between ordinary men and women. Approximately 10-12 percent of adults may have these experiences at least once in life. However, people have been reluctant to talk about how the act of lovemaking can trigger intense episodes that feature characteristics identical to the highest spiritual states documented in diverse religious traditions, the annals of yoga, and recent research on shamanism.

According to Dr. Wade, “The ordinary act of lovemaking can be the most widely available path to higher consciousness. People who have experienced a transcendent episode during sex usually believe they have tapped into divine forces, even if they are atheists or agnostics. I call the spontaneous altered states that occur during lovemaking transcendent sex,” she explained, “because people seem to go beyond, or transcend, the boundaries of the natural world and the normal limitations of self. These experiences are so extreme they change people’s views of sex and spirituality. They have literally changed people’s lives.”

Dr.Wade, a developmental psychologist specializing in research on naturally occurring altered states of consciousness, conducted extensive interviews of people who said they had had unusual experiences in the course of making love when they were not drinking, using drugs, or practicing techniques like Tantric yoga to induce an altered state during sex. The 91 people whose stories are told in her book are normal adults, most of whom were reared in traditional Judeo-Christian homes. They had no special training in the esoteric erotic arts.

“What these ‘naïve subjects’ said happened during sex is phenomenologically identical to descriptions of mystical states achieved by shamans and spiritual adepts in contemplative Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,” Dr. Wade said. Related research by Abraham Maslow, Stanislav Grof and many others, suggests that such incidents are quite common, although they have not been studied in depth before.

These lovers, unlike spiritual seekers, are not trying to bring about these profound experiences, and, consequently, they are not prepared for the impact on their lives. They find themselves catapulted into a different reality or participating in events that are normally considered impossible. Dr. Wade found that these happenings are so counter to normal experience that the vast majority believed they were of a spiritual origin.

We hope you will join us for a thought-provoking talk by Dr. Jenny Wade, followed by a lively conversation amongst all of us, about a fascinating, little-known transcendent phenomenon produced by one of the most basic of human experiences—sexual love.

Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion
The Mindshift Institute

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March 19, 2003
The Mindshift Institute Presents a New Documentary Film:
Man's Right to Know: The Wilhelm Reich Story

This powerful new documentary by filmmaker Kevin Hinchey contains rare archival film and still photos never before seen. Made in collaboration with Mary Higgins, Director of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust and The Wilhelm Reich Museum, it is an excellent introduction to the life and work of a courageous physician-scientist. The film presents both a clear picture of Reich's science and a moving portrait of the man.

Noted physicist Fritjof Capra has described Reich as “a pioneer of the paradigm shift. He had brilliant ideas, a cosmic perspective, and a holistic and dynamic world view that far surpassed the science of his time and was not appreciated by his contemporaries.” Today, Reich remains unappreciated. In the words of his former student, the late Chester M. Raphael, MD, Reich is “misconstrued and misesteemed.” Man's Right to Know goes a long way in providing an accurate and authoritative account of a fascinating figure who has helped to shape our world.

The half-hour long documentary will be followed by a talk by Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion on Reich's valuable insights into Truth and Countertruth. These two concepts help us understand why it is so difficult for important ideas to be accepted, as was demonstrated in Man's Right to Know.

Reich wrote, “In order to use the tool of truth efficiently, one must know the COUNTERTRUTH proficiently.” But what is truth? And what is Countertruth? How can they be used effectively at home, at work, in personal relationships and in society at large? This Mindshift Institute “conversational evening” will include dialogue about these vital issues. All those who wish to participate will have an opportunity to ask questions and share their insights about the themes presented in the film and the talk.

The Mindshift Institute
3 West 87th Street, #1D
New York, NY 10024
Phone: 212-721-6785 / Fax: 212-799-2214

February 8, 2003

Dear Mindshifter,

When so many of us want peace, why is there war? When so many of us desire love, why is there such hate and loneliness? When it is becoming increasingly evident that we are all connected to one another, why is the social contract we have made with one another in our country unraveling?

Most religions and modern science recognize that we are all one family, connected to all other living things, and the Earth itself. So why is the destruction of life on our planet accelerating day by day? Love, peace, interconnectedness, altruism, truthfulness and many other powerful truths do not seem to be able to prevail against hatred, war, greed, and lies. Why? The Mindshift Institute is showing the new film, Man's Right to Know, about the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, because Reich focused on all of these questions from 1923 to 1957.

In Character Analysis (1932) and The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933) he examined the identity of human character structure and human social structure. In The Invasion of Compulsory Sex Morality (1931) and The Sexual Revolution (1936) he explored the origins and evolution of human societies from matriarchy to patriarchy; from sex-positive and life-positive ways of living to sex-negative and life-negative social orders. He investigated human attempts to transform society as well, such as the failed revolution in the Soviet Union. Important truths for today are contained in these works.

Reich's research brought him far beyond psychoanalysis and mass psychology. He discovered evidence of a physical life energy previously unknown to science, although speculated about for millennia in metaphysics. In The Function of the Orgasm (1942), The Cancer Biopathy (1948), Ether, God and Devil (1949), Cosmic Superimposition (1951) and other crucial books, Reich investigated these orgone energy functions. He found that the orgone energy is at the basis of human emotions. In nature, this primordial energy is the source of the interconnectedness we intuit in the universe.

But Reich was too far ahead of his time and his discoveries could not take hold. His truths were blocked by the social and psychological conditions of the day. In his book, The Murder of Christ, Reich wrote about the nature of truth. He also put forward a key concept — countertruth. In his view, in order for a truth to prevail, one must understand the obstacles in the way, or the countertruth to one's own truth. The film clearly presents Reich's discoveries and the obstacles in the way. In the discussion after the film, we will look at this pioneer's experience and explore the relevance of his ideas for us today in our personal lives and in the larger society as well.

We hope you will join us for a wonderful film and an enlivening conversational evening.

September 2003
The Mindshift Institute Presents:
Cosmos and Consciousness


An Exciting Weekend at Loon Lodge, Rangeley Maine
This event was held in early September 2003

We are writing to you about a very exciting event that The Mindshift Institute is presenting. The conference, Cosmos and Consciousness: The Transformative Impact of New Knowledge, is being held in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes region of Maine. This area of deep mountain lakes is known for its peacefulness, serenity and tranquility. In addition, many feel it is a place with a special spiritual quality. It provides the perfect setting for expansive thinking and exploration.

The Mindshift Institute Presents

Cosmos and Consciousness:

The Transformative Impact of New Knowledge
An Exciting One-Day Conference

Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Author John E. Mack, M.D.

Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist Rudy Schild, Ph.D.

Hosts: Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion,
Co-Founders of The Mindshift Institute.
A Conference at The Rangeley School.

Join us in the beautiful, serene surroundings of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine for a conference that will surely make you look at the universe, and your place in it, in a completely new way.

COSMOS AND CONSCIOUSNESS is a conference designed to explore the transformative impact on our worldview—our conception of ourselves and our reality— brought about by:
  • the interconnectedness of the cosmos and the inner universe of consciousness;
  • leading edge thinking about the physical universe;
  • the information gained from men and women who have had extraordinary experiences with life from beyond earth;
  • worldviews in conflict

Changing Worldviews

How can a worldview-something which seems so distant and ivory tower-influence daily life? Over 400 years ago, Galileo used the new invention of the telescope to study the skies. He discovered moons around the planet Jupiter. The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, the powers that ruled the Western world at that time, were threatened by Galileo's discovery. Why?

They understood correctly that Galileo had provided evidence that reality was different than the way it was described by the Catholic Church and that once their worldview was seen as incomplete or in error, their authority and control would be undermined and then lost. This is in fact what did occur.

Today another dramatic confrontation is underway. Rudy Schild, Edgar Mitchell and John E. Mack are helping to create a new science that has the potential to change our world as greatly as Galileo's science changed his world four centuries ago. As a result, our view of reality is undergoing a major transformation. And this transformation is poised to have a profound impact on our understanding of how we shape our societies and conduct our lives.

However, the 300 year-old worldview created by Newton, Locke, Descartes and others still shapes our science, religious views, political institutions, educational practices, technological developments and other key aspects of society. Today's dominant worldview will not go gentle into that good night. It will fight to maintain itself. As a result, once again, new discoveries are coming into conflict with old views. Cosmos and Consciousness will bring to life the new worldview now emerging.

Three Pioneering Investigators

Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist Rudy Schild is now developing a new picture of the physical universe that will demonstrate that the cosmos is not what we thought it to be only 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. He will share with us the progress he is making in his exciting investigation of dark energy and dark matter, a phenomenon being observed by eight major observatories around the world 24 hours a day.

Dr. Schild also will explain how his view of the cosmos has been transformed in recent years by new findings in astrophysics and by the inability of his discipline to explain what are called “anomalous phenomena,” persistent reports that seem to contradict current physical theory. He sees that the tools of his discipline all look outward to the objective world. Yet he now finds he must look inward as well, to subjective reports, if he is to understand the universe he is investigating.

MIT graduate and Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell reached the pinnacle of success in his field when he became the sixth man to walk on the moon, one of only 12 ever to do so. On his way home from the lunar mission, he had a sudden insight into the nature of the physical universe that contradicted everything he believed and everything he had been taught. This transformative experience caused a fundamental shift in his scientific views.

He saw that the universe is not a Newtonian cosmos of dead matter and energy, with isolated specks scattered throughout a vast vacuum. Instead, he perceived the cosmos as interconnected, alive, aware and self-aware, self-teaching and self-learning. For the last 30 years, Dr. Mitchell has produced a body of work including interconnectedness, quantum holograms and nonlocality that is changing our image of who we are and what our place in the universe is. The explorer of the outer universe retuned home to become an explorer of the inner universe, showing the intimate interconnectedness of both realms.

Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack earned an international reputation for his work studying the subjective life of human beings, finding answers for their behaviors in their inner lives. Then he encountered ordinary people who told extraordinary stories. Dr. Mack had to look to the outer world as well as the inner for answers. After working with many of these people for years, he concluded that our definition of reality has to be expanded to include these “extraordinary experiences.”

Dr. Mack's worldview was transformed, not by the study of the heavens or by the direct experience of being in space, but through his work with "experiencers," people who have had encounters with non-human intelligences. A major focus for him is the great transformative potential that may be a result of direct contact between human beings and other life forms in the cosmos. He also addresses the applications of this knowledge for our personal and social lives, indicating how the dominant worldview in each era fiercely resists challenges to its authority.


Rudy Schild the astrophysicist has had to learn about the inner, subjective aspects of life in order to understand the cosmos; Edgar Mitchell was transformed by direct contact with the cosmos and has devoted 30 years to developing his new science; and John Mack has seen his world turned upside down because of his controversial work with extraterrestrial life and other “anomalous phenomena.”

Experiments show that we can perceive things we are not conscious of and are conscious of the reality of phenomena we cannot demonstrate to others. Science has shown that most of what we call reality is invisible or inaudible to us. In fact, 50% of what we “see” is not based on what we actually perceive with our eyes, but instead on what we expect to see, that is, our worldview. The connection between the outer and inner worlds is the great new frontier for exploration.

When the ideas and discoveries of all three investigators are combined, the foundation for and a new understanding of ourselves and the universe we inhabit begins to take shape. As has always happened in the past, this change is going on behind the scenes of the wars, political and economic conflicts, natural disasters and personal triumphs and tragedies that capture our attention and determine much of our lives.

We hope you will come to Rangeley for COSMOS AND CONSCIOUSNESS which will focus on the new consciousness now being born.

Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion

(The above event was held in early September 2003)

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March 26, April 24, May 22, 2002 and July 27-Aug 1, 2002
REDEFINING REALITY (a three-part series)

For the second year in a row, Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion were invited by the Sacramento Member Group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to participate in their regional conference. The five-day conference was held in Mendocino, CA at the Mendocino Redwoods, a beautiful state park. They presented a version of their recent thee-part series of conversational evenings, “Redefining Reality.” The three topics of the talks are “Redefining Reality,” “Sexuality and Social Change” and “What Is Life?” For a full description of the series, see the write-up below.
Part One: Redefining Reality
The overall theme of the evening is, in the words of Richmond Mayo-Smith, a board member of The Marion Foundation, “reality is up for grabs.” Our present understanding of “reality” is being challenged-and even changed-by advances in the sciences, medicine, planetary and space exploration, consciousness studies and other vital areas of inquiry.

Despite the fact that the human concept of reality has evolved over millennia, and continues to evolve, each generation mistakenly believes that its limited conception of reality is reality. Moreover, throughout our history, each era punishes, in one way or another, those who question or reject the dominant conception of reality. Ours is no exception. By holding uncritically and rigidly to erroneous conceptions of reality, human beings cause a great deal of harm to themselves. This broad theme will be deepened during the evening as we examine specific, crucial aspects of our society such as:

The Social Contract: A comparison of the European Union and the United States reveals many illusions Americans have about daily life in these different democracies.

The Radioactive-Chemical-Biotech Assault on Life: An assessment of the impact on our lives of life-negative science, which is broadening and deepening at an ever more rapid pace.

The Militarization of Space by a New Space-Faring Species: A review of our space activities and their implications for on life on earth and life beyond earth, in particular the introduction of nuclear reactors and weaponry to space. Why are we letting “Space” be turned into a new “theater of war?”

These and other aspects of our lives will be looked at in an attempt to understand:
  • what we think is happening vs. what is actually happening in our world;

  • who we humans beings really are vs. our idealized picture of ourselves;

  • the new knowledge emerging about the nature of the Universe, including the existence of other intelligences in the universe, and our place in it, as we begin to explore beyond earth.

Part Two: Sexuality and Social Change

Few perceive the intimate connections between sexual repression and our present authoritarian social order. Many seek to “change things” but can there be fundamental social change without radical change in our understanding of human sexuality and in our sexual lives?

The dominant human view of sexuality can be characterized as a mix of moralism, sentimentality and pornography. Although one or another of these three factors plays a major role in the individual, all three elements are present in each person to some degree. This leads to deep inner conflicts in individuals and society concerning the sexual lives of infants, children and adults. This conflict is evident in movies and on TV, in advertising, in the arts, in religious pronouncements and in political programs.

Among the questions we will examine are:
  • What is the origin of our present-day sexual structure and social order? Is it of genetic or biological origin? If so, is fundamental change therefore impossible?

  • Does the present authoritarian, anti-life social order arise from social conditions that can be altered? If so, what needs to be changed and in what manner?

  • Is there a natural sexuality that is basically different from the prevailing conceptions of sexuality? If so, how would this manner of sexual functioning help bring about life-positive social change?
Join us for a vigorous discussion of some explosive issues.

Part Three: What Is Life?
Our two major ways of knowing, mechanistic science and mystical metaphysics, singly and in combination, have brought us to a dead end in which we are destroying ourselves and Life on our planet. It is obvious to increasing numbers of people that our understanding of Life is incomplete and that our actions based on faulty beliefs are endangering our very existence. But what is Life? Many answers to that question have been offered over the millennia and we will look at the exciting contributions to this inquiry from ancient times to the present.

However, despite intense study, the question “What is Life?” remains, unanswered. Why have the efforts of serious searching souls for millennia not led to an answer to this basic question? Because the nature of Life is functional, and not mystical or mechanistic. Therefore, Life Itself has eluded those using the tools of mechanistic-mystical thinking.

What does this mean? To find out more, join us for a discussion of “the next step” in our evolution on Earth: the practical comprehension of the Cosmic Life Energy and its potential to transform all aspects of our lives.
July 15-20, 2002

Michael Mannion of The Mindshift Institute spoke at Orgonon: The Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine on Thursday, July 18, 2002, as part of a week-long conference (July 15-20, 2002) on “Reich’s Concept of Self-Regulation...” Below is a brief description of his talk.
“, self-regulated behavior fills people with enthusiasm but at the same time terrifies them.”
—Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm

The late 1960s and early 1970s were a time of great experimentation in education. All across America, parents, students and educators—from small co-operative kindergartens to major universities—were exploring new ways of teaching and learning. One such attempt at a new form of education led to the creation of Bensalem, The Experimental College. Although it was founded by an Oxford scholar and a Jesuit priest, and was a full college at conservative, Catholic Fordham University, Bensalem was called by LOOK Magazine “the farthest out college in the U.S. today.”

The founders of Bensalem envisaged “a little Oxford” in The Bronx where the atmosphere of the ancient Greek polis and colloquia would be recreated. However, the founders of the experiment understood neither the nature of American adolescents circa 1967 nor the depth of the social upheaval at that time. Students and faculty had equal votes in deciding such important issues as the governing structure of the school, the faculty to be hired and the students to be admitted.

The contemporary school that the young people at Bensalem created bore little resemblance to the classical dreams of its founders. Word spread quickly in the educational community about the unique experiment underway. Although the students and faculty were unaware of it, daily life in Bensalem became a living example of what Reich called “self-regulation.” This crucial biological function often was evident as much by its absence as by its presence.

Each person in Bensalem had an opportunity to help create the school, actively shape his or her educational experience, and become his or her authentic self. For example, each person in Bensalem found himself or herself in an environment where it was possible to live an active sexual life openly, whether one was 17 or 70, single or married, heterosexual or homosexual. It was also possible for a student’s educational experience to consist of traveling around the world, making a movie, forming a theater company or starting a magazine instead of attending conventional classes.

Some embraced these opportunities; others turned from them, taking a more conventional route. Still others angrily tried to deny these possibilities to fellow members of the experiment. The experimental college was a living example of Reich’s observation that “…free, self-regulated behavior fills people with enthusiasm but at the same time terrifies them.” A large percentage of those who came to Bensalem experienced deep, unexpected anxiety while at the school because they did not have the capacity to function in an open environment. Many could not admit this to themselves and sought scapegoats whom they could blame for their difficulties.

Educators, students and journalists came from all over the country and the world—Europe, Asia, India, South America—to see for themselves if what they had heard about Bensalem was true. And what had they heard? Stories of the sexual openness that existed at the school; the radical politics of the students and faculty; and the innovative educational approaches being tried.

And what did they find? Young people living sexually active lives that differed greatly from monogamous marriage; adults and children living in new family structures that were the antithesis of the authoritarian family; students and teachers forming communes and living in an economic structure that contrasted sharply with our capitalist consumer society. And they found a social institution in which no person had power over any other person. At Bensalem, each student was responsible for evaluating his or her education. There were no requirements, test or grades. No one could be expelled, except for committing crimes that violated the laws of the larger society.

Join author, and Bensalem graduate, Michael Mannion, for an exciting look at a tumultuous time for American life in general and for an American educational experiment in particular, one in which much was revealed about the possibilities and limits of self-regulation in our authoritarian society.

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May 31, 2001 and June 7, 2001
The Mindshift Institute presented two conversational evenings in New York City, ORGONE PHYSICS: The Foundation for a New Life-Positive Science and WHY ARE THEY HERE? The Implications of the Presence of Non-Human Intelligences for Human Existence. The first evening demonstrated how the new physics and cosmology provide scientific evidence for the ubiquity of life throughout creation and for the reality of intelligent non-human life. The second evening explored the investigations into the contact between non-human intelligences and human beings.

July 29-August 4, 2001
At the invitation of the Sacramento Institute of Noetic Sciences member group (SACIONS), The Mindshift Institute presented two conversational evenings—Why Are They Here? and The Trance State—at their annual conference in the Mendocino Woodlands in California.

October 14, 2001
At the invitation of the New Canaan, CT Institute of Noetic Sciences member group, The Mindshift Institute presented an afternoon workshop on the changes in our view of reality that are being brought about by emerging new knowledge of who we are, the nature of the physical universe and the presence of non-human intelligences in this realm. We looked at the impact of human political irrationalism—manifested in such activities as the ecological destruction of our home planet, terrorism and worldwide tribal warfare—from the perspective of intelligent life from beyond earth.

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February 16, 2000
This date marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Giordano Bruno at the hands of the Inquisition. We held a conversational evening on The Infinite Universe of Giordano Bruno at the IM School of Healing Arts. Bruno’s thought is perhaps even more relevant today than it was centuries ago and in many ways, he is still ahead of the times. A vigorous discussion focused on Bruno’s contributions and the question as to why leading edge knowledge is so consistently rejected and suppressed.

June 5, 2000
We held a conversational evening at the New York Academy of Sciences on the topic of Life Beyond Earth. The change in worldview that is being brought on by exciting new discoveries made in the last five years of space exploration—new planets, new solar systems, tantalizing signs of life in our own solar system—was examined. The question of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life was discussed in light of our rapidly expanding knowledge of the physical universe. Will this much-maligned notion undergo an equally rapid re-evaluation in the next decade?

October 26, November 2, November 9, 2000
We held an introductory series of three conversational evenings on what The Mindshift Institute calls The Trance State at the New York Academy of Sciences. By “trance” we mean detachment from our inner and outer reality. The goal of this presentation to is help us wake up and see that many of our generally accepted, unexamined beliefs have lulled us into a trance state with devastating results to us all, as individuals and as a planetary citizens.

October 29, 2000
An introduction to The Trance State was given at a meeting of the New Canaan, CT member group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

November 15, 2000
The Mindshift Institute held a conversational evening at The Cambridge Hospital, sponsored by the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research of the Center for Psychology & Social Change at Harvard University on what we are calling The Trance State.

December 1, 3 and 9, 2000
The Mindshift Institute presented three conversational evenings in California hosted by member groups of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Sacramento, Palm Springs and San Rafael, on the subject of Michael Mannion’s book Project Mindshift: The Re-Education of the American Public Concerning Extraterrestrial Life.

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April 1999
We produced a three-evening series held at the IM School of Healing Arts. The first evening was on Orgone Therapy; the second evening was on three approaches to cancer—conventional, complementary and orgone therapeutic; the third evening was held on Earth Day and focused on the state of the environment and a new publication by Wilhelm Reich, American Odyssey.

November 3, 1999
At the New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. Rudy Schild, a Harvard astronomer and astrophysicist, spoke on “The Structure of the Universe: Cosmology and the Limits of Knowledge.” Michael Mannion spoke on “Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich, introducing Reich’s energy investigations from the subatomic to the galactic realms.

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